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Our unique physics and systems technology
in a package inspired by one of the worlds greatest classic helicopters

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We have replaced the default fsX hover and flight behaviour with our own dynamics, engine and systems management, complete with optional damage, repair and maintenance features.

All this realism isn't easy to master for a novice pilot so we have introduced several modes including auto-start and tutorial mode. The helicopter can speed through the start up and shut down sequences on its own or the pilot can follow on-screen prompts through the start up/shut down sequences as the helicopter highlights each function on the 2D panels as they are required.

Aircraft systems will fail according to misuse. This may take several flights to occur as wear information is accrued and recorded. The pilot is able to clear persistent wear and damage using a virtual “Service Workshop” or switch off wear and damage completely.

Your aircraft can be equipped with low skids, high skids or floats and there is also a high skid utility version with a working cargo hook. Each version can be selected with or without doors too but remember that this will significantly affect the aircraft's performance.

Our flight handling brings subtle hover feel and whole list of aerodynamic effects like inflow roll
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The package includes 2 different fuel management systems. The accurate startup procedures are not simple click sequences but dynamic systems affected by temperature altitude and most importantly, pilot error!

Training Modes include start-up/shut-down guidance with on-screen prompts or your copilot can complete the start for you while you plan your flight.
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Experienced pilots will of course stay well clear of damaging the aircraft and will appreciate the more subtle attributes such as the blade slap and transmission whine associated with certain manoeuvres and flight regimes. If you are a student pilot and want to keep a record of how your ability is improving there is an option for wear and damage that persists for the life of each aircraft or until servicing and repairs are carried out; minor damage accrues over time but major damage will have dramatic effects.
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Dodosim 206 FOR FSX
General Aerodynamics Systems Modes Models Buy Now