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The Dodosim for fsX has a several realism and training modes and can be configured in a number of ways. There is optional persistent wear and damage, including costing for inspection, maintenance and repair and fuel.

Configurability: Comprehensive settings: Menu-selected dialog panels enable the user to tailor the configuration and options.

Scalable difficulty: Five levels of difficulty enable the user to adapt according to their own pace and ability.

Training Modes:
Cued start-up/shut-down: Follow on-screen prompts through the start up/shut down sequences as the helicopter highlights each function on the 2D panels, as they are required.

Force trim: Due to popular demand rather than simulation accuracy, the DodoSim 206 FSX has been fitted with a cyclic “Force Trim” system to relieve pilot workload during flight when using spring-centred PC joysticks.

Automatic start up/shut down: The helicopter can speed through the start up and shut down sequences on its own.

Persistent wear and damage: A history is maintained for each default, or user assigned, aircraft according to tail number, recording cumulative wear and damage over consecutive flights.
Servicing: The pilot is able to clear persistent wear and damage using a virtual “Service Workshop” dialog.

Costings: Servicing and fuelling costs are maintained, informing the pilot as to the simulated cost per hour aircraft operating efficiency. Statistics: Detailed statistics are maintained, recording hours accumulated and costs accrued.

Damage/failure hints: The pilot can be presented with warning messages when the helicopter is accruing damage due to misuse or a system has failed according to cumulative wear or a user timer.

Cumulative wear: Aircraft systems will fail according to misuse. This may take several flights as wear slowly increases. Oil temperatures and pressures degrade as wear occurs, warning lights will be triggered if the system has them and eventually the engine, sprag clutch, transmission or gearboxes may fail.

Timed failures: Aircraft systems can fail dependent on a timer set by the user, (as per default FSX failures.) Systems that can fail in this way are:
Engine Main transmission
Tail transmission
Stuck anti-torque (rudder) pedals – pedals will be ineffectual and stick at the last position.
Engine flame-out – engine will stop combusting and require a re-light.
Hydraulics (control boost) – will fail, making control inputs sluggish.
Turbine over-temp light: A light on the Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge illuminates if overheated beyond temperature limitations for defined periods. It remains set until cleared by servicing, (cumulative wear failure mode), or failure reset, (user timer failure mode.)

FSX Mission "Custom Action" Support: All DodoSim 206 FSX specific failures can be triggered using named payload strings in FSX missions. (The difficulty level and ability to receive the "Failure Hints" can also be set by the mission creator.)

“SimPit” configurability: Allows for calibration in the settings dialog for custom collective/throttle hardware utilising mechanical or electrical idle release latches. Switch sounds can be disabled to support hardware switches.

Optional Costings and Persistence: Can be disabled according to user preference.
Cumulative wear / User timer failure mode: Can be switched to user preference.
Optional Failure hints: Can be enabled/disabled according to user preference.

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Dodosim 206 FOR FSX
General Aerodynamics Systems Modes Models Buy Now