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Black spaces where the gauges should be, Dodosim functions not working

This is a Microsoft FSX issue rather than a Dodosim one. The problem is that the simconnect installation on your computer is not working correctly. The main reason for this is the Microsoft fsX SP1, SP2 or Acceleration updates have fail to update Simconnect correctly on some systems. Dodosim has created a little program that will check your Simconnect. Note that this will TEST Simconnect, not repair it. Just download the file, make sure that fsX is running and run the test.
Please Dodotest my Simconnect

SOLUTION: If your simconnect proves to be broken First, make sure you have either the FSX SP2 update OR the Acceleration package, these will add all the latest updates and fixes for FSX.

"Acceleration" is a Microsoft add-on that adds extra aircraft and features, it will automatically add the SP2 changes.

SP2 is a free bug fix for FSX available from Microsoft. Make sure that you select the correct language version. The details are on this page of the Microsoft web site:
Microsoft Downloads Page

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